Black Toenail — Causes, Treatment, And Prevention

Black Toenail — Causes, Treatment, And Prevention


Toenail removal is a minor surgical procedure that removes either the entire toenail or a portion of the toenail that is diseased, damaged, or very painful. If a subungual hematoma appears to be expanding quickly, it’s a good idea to have a health care provider or trainer help you drain the blood from under the nail, a treatment that, when done dead toenail quickly and correctly, can help keep the nail from falling off.

The black, bruised appearance of one of your toenails after it takes a beating during a run is accepted by some runners as an integral part of running, but when you have a black toenail, running becomes difficult, and if left untreated, knowing how to treat black toenail at home will be no help, as you will require more drastic treatment.

Injury may result from: sports, particularly long-distance running or walking; jumping, kicking or otherwise using your foot (and nails) to strike items; Ill-fitting shoes which cause your toenails to consistently rub materials such as leather; sustaining a blow, such as a heavy item falling on the foot (and nails); catching your toenail on something (fabric, corner, etc) and ripping it from the nail bed; stubbing your toe and causing injury to the nail, including splitting.

You might also want to wear closed-toe shoes for a period of time, in order to guarantee the nail bed the protection it needs to recover (especially if you are engaged in various physical activities or you are spending your time in the open outdoors).

But it’s my pinky toenails every time (like every six months), you probably have a mild toenail fungus (I do, my doctor said it was actually genetic which doesn’t make sense so I called him out on that, but he said the susceptibility to it is genetic apparently?) But every 6 months or so it will slightly lift the nail and raise it off the toe, then a small injury will smash the fungus around and the nail can be torn off easily, it’s disgusting every time.