4 Ways to Save Money While Eating Out

With so many restaurants offering delicious foods, it’s hard for a food lover not to treat themselves at least once a week with scrumptious, delicacies of their choice. While some may prefer walking down the street to pick up a hot dog, others may opt to dine in a restaurant or pop out to a coffee shop. No matter where you decide to go out for a meal chances are you’ll have a budget in mind. So, to help you save money when you are eating out, we’ve gathered these 4 top ways to save money.

Share Your Meal

If you’re out with a friend or with family, rather than ordering separate meals for each person, why not share? Instead of each having a huge meal you can easily share with a friend. If you’re trying to eat smaller portions this can also be helpful. It’s generally better to eat more small meals than a few large ones. So, when you share your meal both your wallet and your diet will be happy.

Drink Water

As much as you may be tempted to order a juice or fizzy drink with your meal, keep in mind your nutritionist’s advice that water is much healthier. Drinking water is a much healthier option. Sugary drinks can make you hungrier and play into your cravings. Then these drinks also cost more than a glass of refreshing water. So, the next time you visit a restaurant to treat your taste buds, remember to order plain water to stay on budget.

Avoid Starter Dishes

As you read through the menu you’ll no doubt be drooling over the delicious starters. However, starters and appetisers will add to the bill so if you’re looking to cut costs avoid ordering these. Eating starters along with a meal can also lead to overeating. If you’re trying to eat healthier based on a meal plan provided by your nutritionist then it’s best to avoid these. Instead, order a single main dish, or share your main dish with a friend. This will save you from the cost of buying multiple courses and keep you on track for a healthy diet.

Stay Away From Three Course Meals

A three-course meal including a starter, main course and dessert does sound fancy. However, if you’re on a tight budget you may want to treat yourself and the family to something a bit healthier and less expensive. if this is the case stick to ordering the main course. Three-course meals can add up so keeping it simple can really help cut costs. Still craving something sweet? As a treat why not share your dessert with a friend. Then you won’t eat quite as much sugary food either.

Dining out can be quite expensive still; even on a tight budget you can enjoy a good, fulfilling meal. Just remember to keep these simple tips in mind when you head out to your next meal and you’ll be on the right track.