The smile is part of the full experience of a happy life

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The smile is part of the full experience of a happy life.

“When I open my eyes
I see only your silly smile looking at me.
I want to feel the joy of your love,
fill all the empty spaces of my being.
I want to discover the world in the immensity of your embrace.”

Daily Prayer: Deliver us Lord of those who cannot smile …

Some people choose to be little when they could be a lot.

Interesting thing is happiness, just feel it once so that we vicious to the point of no longer content ourselves with the joys socks easily sold there.

Do not avoid the contagion of happiness

Very important it is to appreciate people coming from nowhere in your life, and the most incredible life is that of nowhere they become everything
you needed !!!

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“Everyone says it’s cool, but do not know how many times it has been hot and burned.”

“May you find that love itself is a powerful recipe against the evils of the world.”

Occasionally the world Strolls only for us to find. In this round, we find people and these people we meet.

Try to understand that the would’ve just not give a damn for you, broken heart? Joins the pieces and continues to follow, the world will not wait for you to put your life in place to continue to rotate.

You know all this love you devote to him? Grab it and dedicate to yourself. People are happiest when they have a mutual love.

Fear, sadness, anxiety. Human feelings that today cause fear in many people.

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The good mood improves to what to moodiness had no chance to improve.

I think the best is to let people always with a positive and loving word, we do not know if this will be the last word that the person will hear from us, or if we’ll have another chance to say something good for that person.

I do not want to look back not to recall the joys that have gone without a trace and no longer revive the sorrows that have shaken my strongest structures.

I’m stuck in chains of hell that I created myself

In the days of solitude, alone will move, either to go through my heart.

Words said and not thought, bites are given in wormy apples. Dirty lips and displease who contemplated

Your memory is the gag that shut the cries of my life miss abstract solitudes.
Your smile is phoenix reborn fire me.

Each step from becoming soft ballet,
that elegiac is present
in the eyes and heart,
and dreams provide unforgettable trips.
That there is room for the affection
and hope to be the bridge
for days full of tenderness and gratitude.

Make every day a special event
Seeking happiness in simple things of life
See the birds sing every day and celebrate with joy at sunrise and sunset
to show that the secret of happiness is within each of us.

The love that builds do not run the risk of being mere illusion. Love built can be rebuilt not be time but construction.

The darker an environment with more power shines the light.